Hurray for Visits

I’m currently dog/house sitting for some friends and my girlfirend came down to visit for awhile. I know, I know. “So what.” Well, she’s going on a cruise! She gonna be gone for a while week! I miss her already, and she just left to go home. ::sigh:: No cuddles for next week. ::pout:: Oh well. I guess there’s worse things. But still … gonna miss her. I can’t even call her. >

But I got to give her, her birthday present early. I got her a Nintendo WaveBird and Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. That game is soo-o-o-o fun! It was quite the distraction till her GBA battery died. There have been some static from the game community about the need for everyone to have GBAs to play multiplayer. This is an annoyance, yes, but it really does change the game dynamic. Consider, since it is a co-op/competative game it allows individual players to spread out and be focused fully on their game. They can choose to stay with a friend or they can follow their own agenda. Could this be done with a split screen? Yes. But if you are planning some thing nafareious or something better done in secret then having your own personal screen is nice. Even for exploring it’s pretty cool, spread out and search everywhere quicker. Plus the competition for the force crystals can get down right nasty if you have one “evil” player. But the plus side is that the rest can gang up on him if need be. Then again if you’re all kinda “evil” then it could be really interesting. Either way it’s realllllllllly fun. So if you have a GBA it is so worth it. If your friends have GBAs then you, my friend, are golden! And I envy you because I want a GBA. Although I’m kinda holding out for a DS. ::drool::

I was kinda hard not to open her WaveBird and play with it. A wireless controler … that actually works! There are other wireless controlers out there but none have matched the quality of the WaveBird. This is partly due to Nintendo’s quest for playability. It is a thing of beauty. It’s a bit like magic how it works soooooo well. You put the receiver in one of the standard game ports, make sure they’re on the same channel first, then turn it on and play! It is easier than wireless networking. You can even use 4 of them and have no interferience, as long as the player isn’t an ass and tries to fiddle with the channel nob. It is fast and responseive. SoulCaliber 2 is hella fun with this! Although you’ll hear the cry of “Bull S—!” if the batteries die mid fight. That’s the one down side … batteries. But they found a way to get HOURS of use out of them. So as long as you keep a few close at hand you should be set.

Well that’s about it for now. I’m gonna go get some food, then get my Smash on! Smash Bros. Melee that is. ::sigh:: Not nearly as much fun as hanging out with Elaie but then … what is?

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