Missing … stuff

Well naturally I’m missing my girlfriend. She called yesterday, and I actually picked up. She’s doing well. Having a blast and a generally good time. I’m happy for her. I remember my first cruise, quite fondly . Now … I’m a little envious. Oh well. ::shrug:: I’ll just enjoy her that much more when she comes back. ^_^

Here’s one you all probably weren’t expecting, I miss Tetra. For those who are confused she is the female priate captian from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. Technially she’s still there … but to explain that would be to give away the plot. I hate spoiling good stories. But nonetheless, I miss her. She was plucky, hard core with a soft center (I know that’s an oxymoron but you know what I mean), and in her own way kinda cute. No, not that way. Clean up your minds. Yeeesh. She’s a cel shaded video game charater. But they gave her such a likeable attitude and personality that you miss it when it’s gone. Oh well. Hopefully she’ll remain strong. ::sigh:: The Windwaker has me winded now … time for non-waking, aka sleep. Take care, all!

I’m such a dork! I’m talking about missing a video game character! Who’s a gamer geek? ::points to self:: Who’s a lamer geek? ::grumble:: ::points to self:: And don’t you forget it. ::mutter grumble::

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