The first week is over. It started on Wednesday but I am pooped! Although I sorta went into it kinda sleep deprived so that probably has something to do with it. Nevertheless I have all the classes I wanted and am quite content. I also get to see my girlfriend for rather extended periods of time during the school day so I’m happy. The, slight, bummer is that I now have class on Friday. Normally I get Fridays off. This was very very good. Now I have a 5 hour drawing class. Although I am not complaining. But my right arm in now rather sore. That and the model came late so some of us students had to fill in for a few moments. Holding a pose for a minute is quite difficult. Also most martial art poses are really hard to hold for extended periods of time.

Tomorrow I may be going out to dinner with my pretty lady and her family, should be fun. Apparently it’s Chevy’s for dinner. w00t! I also need to write a 3 page essay before Tuesday and do readings for two classes, and have preliminary sketches for painting 3. Oh I also need to buy brushes for Intro to Watercolor. yay. joy. ugh! When school hits … it hits hard! Till then take care all!

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