Hero. NIC3!

[Listening to: The Nurse Who Loved Me – A Perfect Circle – Thirteenth Step (4:04)]

Just got back from watching Hero with Elaine. Dooood. It’s sooo pretty. The story takes place during the period of Chinese history called the 7 kingdoms. It is really artisticly done, with amazing art direction. The kung fu scenes are really cool. It is almost like a violent ballet it is so beautiful. If you go see it be prepared for the fact that it is a very art driven film. Thus it is not for all tastes. But it is so worth watching, at least once just for the lovely art direction. I give it 8 out of 10 fluttering colored silk flags.

Got up friggin’ early today … may have todo the same tomorrow. But the trian is a really nice way to travel. Uh. now for sleep. Take care all.

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