[Listening to: Jefferson Aero Plane – Relient K – Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right …But Three Do (10:20)]

I am, as some of you know, a Mac fan. As I type this I am, sadly, not on a Mac. I hold no rancor against the Win XP or the PeeCee platform … but there is just something special about the Mac. The Mac haters out there are now snickering and saying under their breath, “Yeah. The Fsking price!” or “An awful lot of power to give to a a one button mouse.” To that I shrug. I have done some price comparisons and what I find is that for the price … the Mac is really a pretty sweet deal. The bundled software alone is worth at least a second look. You’d have to fork over a couple of hundred more dollars, at least, for the iMovie, Apple Works, GarageBand, etc., equivalents. Not that makes the PeeCee less of a computer, just takes more consideration.

There is also the inevitable processor speed debate. The real challenge here is that … well you can’t compare them. The two philosophies are fundamentally different. IBM and Motorola build one way, Intel and AMD do it another. Is one morally superior? No! They accomplish the same tasks, to turn data from one form to another. After that … who really cares? People, stop the flame wars! ::crowd chants:: “What to we want?” “Peace!” When do we want it?” “Now!” This needless dumping is even dumber than any other armed conflict I can think of, past or present. I mean really! The world is getting smaller and more hostile by the minute and people are ranting and freaking out about … what? Fsking computers!!!!! What, in the name of God, is wrong with us?! For Pete’s sake! People are being shot, stabbed, stoned, and killed in all sorts of nasty ways and we see fit to bicker and whine about these silly arguments? GET OVER IT!! For the love of God, STOP! Don’t even go where you think you need to go. It is not worth it, it is not even worth it.

Hm… That was alot further off topic than I planned to be. Back in the real world, this was supposed to be a mention of a neat little blurb for a positive story in Wired about the Beijin Mac User Group. How I got on my little tirade I don’t know. Sorry about that. But I do mean it, we need to keep a little perspective on all this crap. Well enjoy the article and have a great day all!

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