Sorry I’ve been away…

Hey all! I’m sorry I haven’t put stuff up here recently. At the moment I’m not at home, I’m house sitting for some friends. This means that I don’t have my usual connection nor my normally software. Granted I can use the web interface, which I’m doing right now. But they only have dial up so … it takes longer. Plus I have to make a concerted effort to sign on and do it. As some of you know I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should so I bascially get home, eat dinner, play with the dog, and go to bed. I sometimes have enough energy to do a little TV and homework. But even that is something of a challenge. :;sigh:: Hopefully I’ll get back to a regular sleep schedule soon. Till then please be patient. Gah. Can’t even spell. Okay gotta run to class now. Take care all!

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