Almost there

Hey all. I am nearing the end of my time as a house/dog sitter. It’s been fun, I can’t complain. took my lady to go see Garden State last night. I like that movie, she seemed to like it too. That was fun, although we ended up having to catch the late show and it was close to midnight before I got home. But so it goes. ::sigh:: I miss her already.
Ugh. It’s nap time. But I’m too thoughtful right now for naping. A friend of mine has a common salutation er farewell, “Be good.” It does’t seem like much till you really think about it. Or in my case maybe over think it. For whatever reason today … I contempated what the phrase actually says. “Be good.” Sounds easy enough don’it. Be good. But lets look at the dictionary, 2. morally upright; virtuous. [Wordsmyth] That’s what gets me and beats me up. It’s not that I think I’m some sort of horrible person … but I don’t think I can classify myself as ‘good’. I know it’s illogical to try to do that but still, I feel compelled to try to live up to it. Bah. Maybe it’s just my over exhausted self speaking again. Blah! Never mind. I’ll try to post again later when I have a better ‘feel’ of what I’m tryiing to say.

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