… is now unpopular

I have never voted with such a heavy heart before. That and as the title suggests … I am making a less than popular choice. Why? ::sigh:: Because the alternative was not compelling enough for me. I know, “Anyone but Dubuah.” Yet I didn’t see one evil as overwhelmingly more evil than the other. They are bascially the same sade of grey with a differnt pattern. This was not an easy decision. And I know it will come back to haunt me. It feels weird to vote the opposite of the person you care most about. I can’t say that it feels right. But then againg voting for the other guy didn’t feel right either. And the election is too important not to vote. Yet some how I feel wrong for trying. I feel so detached and uninformed that I hardly feel qualified to make any sort of call. ::sigh:: ::slump:: Well …. the next four years will be interesting … win, lose or draw. ::raises glass:: Here’s to having it all work out somehow. God, bless the outcome … whatever it may be. May the best man win. And may we all be spared of our own stupid failings. Yeah… okay I’m done. Have fun. Go Vote! It matters so much more than you realize. Vote smart too. Don’t vote blind, you’ll end up feeling like me … well maybe not but I feel odd about all this. I can’t quite put my finger on it but … meh. Too tired to think much more. Good night.

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