Where does time go?

No it’s not as philosophical as it sounds. It’s just a practical question. I’d like to know how it all ends up? And why I can’t get as much time with my girlfriend as I would like. It is like we see eachother every day at class … but we don’t get to really be together. I’d rather like more of that. I guess that’s one of the side effects of haveing a relationship over distance. Granted it’s only like 54 miles but it’s still a 45 min drive when there’s no traffic. Which usually means planning it into the day. Plus the cost of gas is a money hole out here. ::sigh:: Nah. I’m not really bitter … but having more time to cuddle would be nice. It’s like we get it so ‘rarely’ that we feel we need to make to most of it since it doesn’t come that often. Which is fun and all … but it does take some of the ‘relaxing’ out of it. I guess we just need to plan some time where we can take a moment to relax. Take a breath. Maybe talk uninterupted for a few … days. Maybe I’m idealistic but … it sounds like fun to me.

But since I havent’ updated too recently I had better recap.

  • Well the elections happend. For better for worse, George get’s another shot. He may suprise us … and then again he may not. Who knows. I just hope we have better choices come next election.
  • I found out that next semester is my last semester … baring unforseen circumstances. I only have 6 more units (that’s 2 classes) required to graduate! w00t!
  • it looks like my current painting will be done on time. This will be the first one of the semester to be ‘finished’ and done on time. ::crosses fingers:: Here’s to hoping.
  • I am unstuck in Zelda: the windwaker.
  • I may be deveopling just enough guts to finally start my comic. ::crosses fingers:: All those who care (and read this) pray that the guts stick. I’m so tired of being scared of this stuff.
  • My girlfriend’s new paintings are damned exciting. I can’t wait to see them. Zelda … OLD school Zelda memories. Makes me all nestagic … and makes me want to play the Old games. ::sniff:: I never actually got to play all the way through the Zelda games. My GameCube is the first Nintendo I have actually ever owned … well that played more than one game at least. I remember when I was in China in ’89 I got a Mario vs. Donky Kong hocky game. It was like an advanced Game ‘n Watch game. But it had two players and it had these rad little controlers that stored away in the system. ::sigh:: It was one of the memories of games that really stands out in my mind.

Hm…. that makes me wonder. I wonder what would happen if I set up a video camera and taped myself and my friends playing and used that as source for a painting or two. Instead of the game itself, like my lovely lady is doing, but on the comunity of people who play ………………….. But I’d hate to be treading on her good idea. We’ll see.

That aside, I am hoping to get things going on the comic during winter break. I know, I know. I have said that before. But this time I mean it. Win lose or draw … something will be up by the end of Christmas break. I hope…

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