How to be an A-hole in 3 Steps … or less.

[Listening to: Stalker Goes To Babylon – Furi Kuri OST1 (the pillows) – Furi Kuri OST 1: Addict (4:04)]

Last night my girlfriend took me to go see LIttle Shop of Horrors in SF. Well technically her mom took us, since she bought the tickets. Her sister and her sister’s fiance were participants and transportation. Major thanks to all of you.

But what does that have to do with being an A~ hole? An astonishing amount. I guess I had better get this out of my system since it’s been eating at me all day.

  1. Create a situation that will generate lots of stress.

    Like having 2 full papers and 2 revisions and 20 some odd paintings due all next week. Oh and let us not forget having an animation due too. Now it is important that all the stress be your own fault. This is key, espeically if you want to be kicking your own a~ for the next day or so over it.

  2. Reproduce the same attitudes that you find in others and hate.

    This where things begin to get good. It also important to not skimp here, it is one of the key ingredients, but flavor to taste.

  3. Unleash unholy angsty doom upon your loving, caring and innoccent girlfriend!

    This is the denumant. Although if you don’t have a girlfriend find someone you really care about and do it to them. The effect is similar.

Yep. He’s an a~hol-l-l-l-y-o. A – S – S – H – O – L – E All together now, lets sing our favorite Dennis Leary song! What? Why aren’t you singing? You don’t believe me? Well it’s true. I accomplished the effect … a little too well.

It doesn’t help that I suffer from my own form of social anxiety and tend to feel like an outsider. What makes me so very differnt from the fiance? Not much other than he’s been there for awhile and well yeh he’s all familar and stuff. Okay so it’s not a good excuse … never said it was. ::sigh:: ::hums the A~ Hole song:: I know that I shouldn’t be so stressed by this, but I can’t help it. I should know better than that. I hate it when it gets used on me … so why do I use it on others? I guess misery loves company. And in a rather twisted way it would support my self loathing thesis. Mess it up bad enough that they leave … and you’re right. You are a worthless POS who deserves to be dried out and tossed into a fire pit somewhere where he’ll be put to a worthy cause, like keeping someone else from freezing … oh and removing one more a~hole from the world.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “WTF is wrong with you! That is not how it is at all. Everything you just said was wrong.” well yeh. I mean if your lens is tainted, scratched and scared up can it be expcted to go any other way? This is the reason why depression is such a pain in the butt to cure. Once they get well enough to be almost productive they are still quietly undoing all the progress they made in therapy. Although that’s just a guess, I’ve never been to a counselor. But if the pattern I follow is anything like anyone else then I can understand why psychatrists would really balk at having to treat depression. Also statisticlly when the patient is on the way to recovery they are often more prone to suicde, which is why they were tying to avoid in the first palce. Ironic, no?

Again thankyou to everyone for the evening yesterday. I just hope I wasn’t too much of jerk. Over all it was fun. Thank you. ::hugggggggggggggs::

One thought on “How to be an A-hole in 3 Steps … or less.

  1. Umhumm…Yesh, i zink i can see vhat you mean. Luckily for you i zink you will have bezzer dayz in zee veeks to come. And you know you haf my help hozline number. 🙂 GB ~573Pl-l

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