Always on spell checking, for those not running Linux or Mac OS X

One of my favorite little features of the Mac OS X (that’s pronounced ‘ten’) is that is has a spellchecker as part of the basic OS functionality. It doesn’t sound like much … but it will save your bacon in message boards and in IM conversations. Constant and instant spellcheck is invaluable. So those not using Mac OS X or Linux there is hope for you. Head on over to TinySpell and down load a nifty little program. Save yourself the time, embarrassment and annoyance of having to open Word just to check a spelling word.

If you don’t like downloading things you can also go to or to Both are excellent free web based spell checks, OneLook will also give you definitions and links to other dictionaries and other online resources. The advantage to TinySpell is that it doesn’t need to be online to work. ^_~ Have fun spell better!

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