Hm… Two Emotional Breakdowns in one day. That has to be a record.

Yep. It’s finals time. And this year is the a~ end of a semester. I had two, count’em two!, emotional break downs today. Plus I got all angsty at my girlfiend (I really do not like it when I do that). And yesterday I found out there may be a chance that I won’t be graduating next semester. So … yeah … fun … happy … times … Holy Fadkandlkfjapvwlkn;bopiupoenas;dljpsdiu! ::head bangs against desk:: When does the hurting stop.

I am rather wallowing in my self pitty but … blah. I am almost beyond caring. Not quite but almost. I will never be quite so happy to get the hell out of a semester as I am about this one. UGH! Now I need to go write some crap-tastic essays.

One thought on “Hm… Two Emotional Breakdowns in one day. That has to be a record.

  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel about this stupid semester, I can NOT wait till it ends…and I got angsty at Chubbs last night too…hate when he has to deal with my stupid girly issues from me….from Michelley

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