I was talking with one of my friends today. She was asking how I was doing, since she’s one of the few people who read this. I am doing alright. I’ve been better, but I’m alright. Then I said something about not wanting any pity. She said that I was practially begging for it in some of these posts, I’m guessing more so in the current period. If I have come across this way I’m sorry. I have a bad habit of ‘saying’ what I feel. I guess that could lead to some misunderstandings. So I’ll try to keep the angst quotent to a minimum. I may even cut it out all together. Hm. That might force me to stop being such a whiney bitch. Well it’s worth a shot. Sorry for the misunderstandings. I’ll hopefully post something interesting later.

3 thoughts on “Pity?

  1. Now you are being irrational. That is not how i meant it. I actually appreciate being able to read what you think. Life is what it is you shouldn’t twist it because of a light comment I or anyone else makes. I don’t think you are “practiaclly begging for it” (i never said practically lol j/k )but what so bad about pity anyway?

    pit·y ( P ) Pronunciation Key (pt)
    n. pl. pit·ies

    Sympathy and sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of another.

    So are you saying if you have a bad day i cannot sympathize for you?
    can you clarify please? I think we have 2 different definitions.

    I apologize for probably using the wrong word in our conversation.
    Don’t change your posts or you. We all love you and them just the way you(z) are. You are you and they are an expression of your life.

    PS When can we hang out again?

  2. If nothing i have said today (or posted either A: made sense or B: cme out how i intended it I am sorry I am slightly out of it and overly stressed out and overly tired (hey you know how i feel) Anyway I love ya to death and then some. So yeah, sorry again (i feel bad can you tell?) lol have a great day tomarrow

  3. I’m sorry if I misunderstood you. I don’t like the word ptiy because it has a negative connative meaning. Connative meaning the thoughts, attitudes and feelings we associate with a word rather than the dictionary meaning. I have bad assoiations with pity. Sympathy or even empathy are a-okay.
    It is a bit like spliting hairs … but it’s how I feel about ‘pity’. To me pity is what people have when they don’t feel like feeling, when they are too tired for true sympathy or compassion or other connetive descriptors. Please don’t feel bad. That was not my intension. I will continue to blog as usual. ^_~ No worries.

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