The End!

Thank you soo much to my girlfriend for being patient and kind and so much more. But most of all thank you for being you.

Today marks the offical beginning of my winter break! w00t! Hot Damn and all those good experssions! Yep. Today was the last day I had to show up at school, it was “Art Productions Clean up Day” aka. “We’re too cheap to hire real janitors so we’ll get students to do it day”. Although some how I expect that the Art Productions class, once a long time ago, the class was more like how the TA is now, but that is just speculation. Either way I’m done. 17 units are in the clear … granting that I pass my segment 3 classes. ::looks to heaven:: Please? All I ask for is a ‘C’. Sure it drags on the GPA but your GPA doesn’t get you a job … your portfolio does. Well if you’re an artist at least.

Speaking of art. This is the beginning of winter break. That means that I have from now until Jan. 25 to hav something done on my comic. Although now I’m kinda torn. I have 3 good, well I think they’re good, ideas. Hm….. My oldest idea? My Sci-Fi idea? My newest idea? or my other vampire story? Okay so I have 4 ideas. Hm… well maybe tomorrow I’ll post a link to some descrtiptions of the ideas and all of you who actually read this… thing can vote via comment. Should work. Okay that’s my other goal for tomorrow. Write quick descriptons of the stories and put them somewhere you can read them. I also need to design the page and start drawing. Hm… I may be doing the Newest idea first, since it is currently closest to being ready for production. But I may take a break from it now and then to do little stories from the others. ^_^ Anyway I’ll work that out later. Till then take care all.

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