Missing Her

Hm… is it a ‘bad’ sign when you curl up with the pillow that she used the night she stayed over, to sleep? Or better yet sleep in the bed she used? Or that when you find that she left one of her hairs on the counter of the bathroom you put it back after cleaning it, to help support the illusion that she’s just stepped out for a gallon of milk and will be back momentarily? Well if that’s a ‘bad’ sign then I gladly accept it as a good thing. Because I would not want to remove these feelings for anything. I would not wish to go back to the way things were. I find it hard to imagine my life without her. ::sigh::

On the plus side, I get to see her tomorrow. She’s coming over for presents! Hurray! I can’t wait. I’ve been butsting at the seems trying not to keep one buying things for her. Also trying to contain my excitement of giving them too her. Yeeee! Can’t wait! Just a few short hours more.

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