Bave and Dusters … no wait … it backwards

Dave and Busters! That’s it. Yesterday I had the wonderful occasion to hang out with my beautiful lady, Elaine. It was great fun as always. We were kinda tired from our week so we played a little Four Swords … in which I throughly kicked my own ass. Hurray … I mean … d’aw crap. It was a challenging level … made worse by tiredness slowed reaction times. Anyway after that we decided to take a nap. It was well deserved and wonderful. There is a wonderfully simple joy in sleeping entwined in the arms of your significant other. *sigh* :P”””””””””””””””””””””’

Anyway. After that we went to Dave and Busters. It was the first time I’ve ever been. It was pretty fun. They have some way cool games there. They have a big fun samuri game where there are motion sensors that react when you swing the sword. It’s helluvalotta fun. Although now my shoulders and neck are sore. Ah well. I also got to play in a rad Battletech sim. That was cool it had peddles and tons o’ buttons and stuff. But in an effort to make it more accessable to the casual gamer they toned down most of the advanced features. Still it was a blast. I was disapointed that the peddles didn’t do anything. But I also got to see the “horsey game”, aka Derby Club Owner, it is a horse racing sim where you can create multiple horses, run them and breed them. Bascially manage your own virtual stable. I didn’t actually play … but it looks interesting. Plus now I have actually heard the, now, famous catch phrase “Take the card with you!” It’s qutie amusing. In short it was a good time. Oh ! and I also had these tempura mushrooms. I’m salavating just thinking about them. So delicious. Well that was my weekend.

Now … I start school … hurray … Wake up at 6 bloody o’ clock in the morning. Weeeee.

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