The difference

The Sony PSP. Wonderful in spec. Just like the PS2. But here’s an interesting statement from Sony about the debut … and some of its … quirks.

And here is a very amusing editorial about the aforementioned statements.

How is this better than a GameBoy?

8 thoughts on “The difference

  1. But that’s just it. The PSP Doesn’t have a games selection yet. The DS has every GameBoy game going all the way back to Tetris. They say they have tons waiting in the wings, which I’m sure they do, and they are the only ones with enough marketing clout to even possily challenge the GameBoy Market.
    Yes,the Gameboy market, because let’s face it … GameBoy is the market. Till PSP actually hits its stride. Although there may be room in the world for both.

  2. Yeah, i get your point. What we should do is create a program that will “translate” any code from one game type to another so all games are universal and you could “burn” them on to the different media types.

    (yes, i am speaking out of my league, so bear with what it is i am TRYING to say)

  3. It would be way cool if we could do that … and there are people who do write stuff that will do that. But the game companies like to hold on to their ‘intelectual property’ aka the games so they have rather creative ways of locking them into systems. The easiest way is to simply use a differnt processor, this changes the language that the system speaks and is the simplest form of ‘protection’. It means that anyone who wants to try to “trans code” or “port” the game would have to first write a program that would tell the other processor to run commands as if it were a differnt machine. So it is possible … just very challenging.


    go there, if you can, if not i’ll find a way.

    Come on watching special format DVD’s plays MP3s off of a memory stick, optional head phones and the playstation set up… I want one! this would keep me entertained for hours (though that’s not saying much i guess) AND they put Spiderman 2 “mini DVD” in with the first PSPs- that’s AWESOME!

  5. Granted it has a feature list the length of your arm … but how many of them will you use? How many Sony only hoops will you have to jump through to do what it claims it will do? Will it play actual MP3s or will they force you to use the ATRAC3 file format (which is another Sony exclusive)?
    I donno. To me this seems to follow my fears of the Sony Viao computers, the look great in spec … but how well they work in real life is often a matter of “well that’s the way it is”. Sony seems to be in the “This is the only way something will be … until we fix the problems and then realease a new one which is incompatable with the last … even though we claim that it will work with the old stuff.” This is not my idea of user friendly. And if the American release has the same problems as the Japanese release … I am pretty sure there will be some major heat coming down Sony’s way. I mean for the love of all things holy if the square button is not always going to work … then why even put it on?

  6. Apprently some of the kinks in the PSP have been ironed out. And apprently Sony ate some crow and fixed the damn square button. Now we just have to wait and see. Although for the love of God why did they make Metal Gear Solid a turn based card battle? Why? Lord, deliver me from card battle video games!–>

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