Interesting … sorta

Well last night I got my first speeding ticket. ::shug:: Such is life. Pay the fine … get on with the rest of my life. Yadda yadda.

Today in WebComic dom …

  • VG Cats is espeically wrong. Which is saying something … ::shiver:: Poor poor Pac-Man.
  • Found an amusing and awesome new comic called .. Bunny. It’s hard to describe … but it’s the adventures of a of an odd little pink bunny. Well more acurately it’s the random adventures of a odd little pink bunny. But to highlight a little of the oddity you’ll find go here. Then go back to the beginning an enjoy the daily oddness. ^_^

After that there are some more cool links I’ve found. Here they are:

  • Ask Ming!
  • Hard to describe it … but it’s where engrish and reenvisioned religous tracts are combined. The end result is well … you’ll see.

I don’t have much else at the moment. I’ll post more later. Hopefully. Take care.

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