Good news … Bad news

Good News

The trip was a smash hit. Got to spend tons ‘o quality time with Elaine, always a good thing. We had tons of fun in Carmel. It’s really small and nice, and has to be one of the most dog friendly cities ever. We saw a couple of Corgies … OMG they are too cute, we decided we’d have to get some … when we get to that point. The beach there is really nice and the weather was beautiful it sprinkled a little bit but then it was all clear.

The next day we took a little drive down Highway 1 then had lunch at Asilomar. It was really nice a little windy but nice. Then we had a nice little nap and then to Montoray for dinner. It was over at The Hopper, and it is delicious seafood! Yummy!

Bad News

There is a possibility that I will not be graduating this semester. I just got a letter from SFSU saying that I am 6 units short of graduation. Well more actuarely that I needed my Mixed Media Class and that the upper division GE that I tought would apply doesn’t. So … um … yeah. I’m not especially happy about that right now. But now I have to go paint so that I can have something to turn in, in two weeks.

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