The Siren’s Call

The internet is my siren’s call. It will keep me awake for far more hours than I should ever be awake. Take this moment, I am awake at a quarter till two in the morning. Why? Because I was freaking addicted to a new online comic I found. ::sigh:: I am such a sucker for these things. I am so busy enjoying the work of others … I can’t work on my own. If I was really committed … I would have had my comic up years ago. ::sigh:: Oh well.

In a odd but somewhat related note the geocities pages don’t suck like they used too. Almost everyone remembers the horror of the pop ups. They were the single worst idea ever. But now the ads are relegated to a nice, clean little side bar area. It … it almost doesn’t suck. Actually … it doesn’t. In many ways it is more like the google ads. This is a welcome change, it may also make me use it for the temp/mirror location for my web comic once I get it going. Meaning I’ll probably start it there, then once I get a domain and a good host it will be the back up.

Well I need to get some sleep. Take care all.

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