Good, Bad, Ugly


Mitsu, aka Scoop, one of the most creative people in my painting 3 class showed an astonishing painting today for critique. The painting was of a 5′ tall baby face. But that’s not the cool bit. The cool part was that he hung it outside the windows of the critique room. It was one of the coolest art experiences I’ve had at school. Damn him and his amaing powers of creativity.


One of my best friends in my painting class found out, over the weekend, that the boy she has been dating and having sex with was actually cheating on her. Yes. He already has a girlfriend that he lives with. (This guy is an a– h—) But wait there’s more. To add insult to injury he gave my friend an STD, nothing too serious but still, it’s the principle of the matter. OH and to top it all off when the A- Hole found out that my friend and the ‘other’ girlfriend knew the other existed he had the gall to call up my friend and blame her for putting drama into his life! WTF! ARG! Someone needs to give him a good swift kick to the jimmies, and then a few more just to make sure he gets the picture. Grrr! Makes me mad to hear that my friends have been used!


Um … showed my paintings in critique. Yah … new subject.

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