Sabers, sabers, and more sabers.

I recently downloaded the .tv show From The Shadows box 2.0. In it they feature a young man who will remind many of you of a certian person from the Trekkies films. But his ligitimacy as a Jedi is an issue for some other debate. I am more interested in the super cool ‘Dual Sabers‘ he has made. In my geek quest to understand more of this amazing ideas I have been directed to three other locations for sabers and saber replicas. All of these are damn cool. Although it seems to me that the sabers from Aaron over at Saberology seem like they would be the best for actual ‘combat’. In all honesty they all look like lightsabers, and I’m sure that anyone who has ever dreamed of being a Jedi would feel absolutely giddy to hold any of them. But if you’re gonna be playing with them and restaging the classic duals of the movies … these seem like they’d be more likely to hold up to that sort of use/abuse.

The others (Park Sabers and Lightech) feature el (electro luminessence) technology which gives them their super rad glow. The downside to the EL stuff is that it has a filiment in the blade. Although very though I’m thinking that if you beat it enough it will break … which isn’t cool. Up side is that it is fairly easy to replace, all the sites have a ‘parts’ section so you can just reorder what you really need.

I am not really sure what goes into the Master Replicas over at the Offical StarWars shop. But damn are they nice. They have the ‘rising’ glow and offical sound effects that react to motion and contact. ^_____^ However there is a new addon for the Lightech sabers which will also give those results. So cool stuff all around.

Where am I going with this. Well 1) how cool is it to get your own saber! 2) how cool is it that there are people who are creative and have come up with ways of representing something that only exists in speical effects. Also never underestimate the creativity and resourcefulness of a geek on a mission.

But my real reason for writing all this drivel is that I am facinated by this new concept in content delivery. Some have looked at Podcasting as “Wayne’s World for the internet.” But I think this idea of content that we choose when and how we watch our content is reall interesting. Right now it really is hampered by the limits of the internet and video compression.I can only imagine where this could go if there were no limitations! ::drool:: Content … that didn’t seem like the same crap that every other network was showing! Mmmmmm. Plus it could also be super geeky and that makes me happy! Anyway something to ponder. Television, the way you want it.

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