Eisner Awards! Comic geeks rejoice!

This is a time of great celebration for all comic fans. Or as I should say, “sequental art” fans. Technically there is more to sequential art than just comics. But that is the primary medium.

For those who don’t know Will Eisner was, he passed away this year :tear:, the farther of the modern comic anaylsis. Superman made it happen, but Will Eisner made it an art form to be studied. He helped ligitmize comics as a from of art and to help raise the awarness of the greater and deeper aspects of what the drawings could do.

The nominees for this year are here. Of speical note to me are the digital comics, aka online comics. All of them are worth the time. Mom’s Cancer is really a wonderful and touching story. I kinda hope it wins. I guess I have more of a connection to it since my grandfather died of stomach cancer a few years ago. That said there is something really wonderful about Copper and Oijngogo. More stuff to add to my long list of online comics.

[Listening to: Slow Country – Gorillaz – Gorillaz (3:35)]

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