OMG! Macin-tel!

Uh … Wow. It’s true. The Mac OS is going to the X86 processor. I just watched the keynote speech by Mr. Jobs. Yep. Mac OS on Intel based machines! It’s … both cool and … worrying. Cool because it could really open up the Mac to all the people who want to switch … but need that one program that ties them back to their Windoz box. This may kill that need for people. A single machine that has the potential to run ANY app from the PPC base, and the contemporary OS X.4 code … and if anyone will allow it … run any standard Windoz app. I hope someone does this. If it happens those computers will be the single most awesome computer ever! I would only need 1 machine! I can have everything I want in a single box! With a little hacking I’m pretty sure I could put Windoz and Mac OS X on the same HDD, which means that I could use Mac OS for everything … and then when I have to go to Windoz I can just pop up a little window and get that done whlie I continue to stay nestled in the loving, beautifuly powerful arms of OS X. I pray that Apple plays their cards right with this. Because I’d like nothing more than to ditch my ctrl key for the cmnd key. Although I will kinda miss the ‘windows’ key. I’ve found that to be pretty useful. But I’m sure I can assign most of that function to a ‘F’ key in OS X.

In other news … Windows gets Quicktime 7! That means HD video! W00t!

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