Good day!

Today was a good day. My Love, Elaine came down last night. We got to be all snugglie and stuff in the morning. Then we had yummy lunch at Chevy’s, mmmmmm crab and shrimp ‘dillas! After that we went to see Batman Begins. Holy crap wow! Best Batman movie to date … well okay some may disagree with that but it is definatly back in the kick ass groove of the first two batman movies. Batman was very well fleshed out and much more deeply involved in this film. I totally dug it! Especially since it features enemies that aren’t part of the normal ‘crew’. Plus even though there were two villians there was not the rather haphazzard joinging of the characters. The story really felt as if it could have been real. Plus with a much larger portion of the film taken up by Bruce’s parents we really get a much better idea of why Batman feels so deeply about their death. Plus the who bat theme has a much more logical answer. All in all it roXorz teh s0xorz. Good action, satisfying story, good characters. Best of all not a single neon light or glow painted shmuck to be seen. Gothom feels real and really in a state of rapid growth and decay. It feels old and new at the same time. A little like NY or Chicago. Suffice to say … go see it! I doubt you’ll be disapointed.

[Listening to: Kids With Guns – Gorillaz – Demon Days (3:45)]

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