Hm. Spiders have taken up residence. :swat swat swat:

No. No, I’m not dead. Just a bit swamped. But I think … I think I’m catching up. At least I really hope I am. Several things have happend that have conspired to way lay my plans for web comic domination … or a web comic at all. Mostly I moved out. Then I got a second job. Then I got an internship. So … yeah I’m busy. Not that it’s much of an excuse … but it’s all I got.
So there’s three things that are the biggies. If you all want to hear more about them put up a comment. I plan on talking about all of them … but you all get to choose which comes first.
Here they are in no particular order:

  • Moving out
  • Job
  • Internship

So feel free to speak your minds. Otherwise I’ll just get to them … when I get to them.
In short news. My Old iMac (now a 333 Mhz G3) has been repaired and upgraded. But it has had two major upgrades. 1 is the processor, and the other is OS 10.3. Yup. I have a tiger Panther (Gee for an Mac guy I can’t believe I made that mistake) in my old iMac. And it is running astonishingly well. Who’da thunk that an iMac from 1999 would run a system from 2004 with little slow down. In fact this post is coming from my iMac. I’m really quite pleased with how well this system is working! This is one of the coolest things ever.
But there is more! Konfabulator my favorite little program ever, is now … FREE! Yes that’s right! Free! Go download it now! It is a nifty little program that lets you run tons of little programs. They will not undo all of the full apps out there but they are a great way of doing one or two really useful things from the desktop or from a floating window. I love it! You probably will too! So go download it now!
Take care now. I’ll try to do better about this.

One thought on “Hm. Spiders have taken up residence. :swat swat swat:

  1. Geez, shows how often i talk to you. I didn’t know that you moved out, or got a second job, and the only reason i knew you got an internship was because my sister told me. – Well good for you, I am very proud of you. ::Sigh:: maybe one day we will catch up – hopefully soon cuz i leave in about 2 weeks for college. I hope you had a good birthday.–>

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