Another day …

Well so ends another day.

It was all right. School. no work, no internship. A nice break. But I did have to send my girlfriend home … that wasn’t much fun. but then agian it never is.

School is kinda frustrating right now. I have financial aid for the first time ever. So I’ve applied and all seems well. Got my units and all that. Then I wasn’t able to get an email to professor in time to tell her to not drop me from her class till we could set up an independent study. So … I get droped. Finaancial aid hasn’t been paid because I have “a financal obligation” that’s outstanding. Which means I can’t register for classes … which means I can’t get my unit load up which means I can’t get my financial aid check. … sorry I’m a little frustrated. I realize it’s probably a simple fix but why must it be so hard to accomplish. oh well.

I did do some thing today, I haven’t done in a long time. I sat down and read several comic books … the paper kind with real pages and everything. It’s a really interesting one called Lullaby. It takes place in a world where the realms of all fiction and folk lore and fairy tales combine. The story starts with Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. But this ain’t yer mama’s Alice. This Alice kicks ass and takes names. The other main characters are The Pied Piper, Lil Red Riding hood, who’s got some interesting abilities. Then there is Jim Hawkins, of Treaure Island fame, and Pinocchio makes an appearance. And how could I forget the Cheshire Cat. The story is fairly non conventional but there are some very interesting tweeks on rather famous stories. If the writer can keep the story at this level of quality it should make for excellent reading. Or at the very least darn fun reading. So remember that’s Lullaby from Image Comics. Check it out.

Take care all.

[Listening to: TWiT Episode 9 – Leo Laporte – this WEEK in TECH (1:09:56)]

One thought on “Another day …

  1. Stupid school : ( If it makes you feel any better, I love you ^_^ and I didn’t want to leave either.

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