I have a blog …

I have a blog … but I don’t write. I want to tell stories … that I leave on the shelf. I have images in my mind I want to share … but, in fear, keep them to myself. I have …. no talent for music … so count yourselves lucky that I don’t inflict it upon you. All in all I have … so very little here. Oh yeah … I also have a sketch blog … and no new images in … months. So sad really. Oh well. Don’t mind me. This is just what my mind does to me at … *glances at the clock* 3:30 in the morning. OMG! 3:30! I’m going to bed. Gah. Such and idot. Oh well. Take care all.

Yes, I am okay. Honest.

[Listening to: Sleeping Beauty – A Perfect Circle – Mer De Noms (4:10)]

2 thoughts on “I have a blog …

  1. I was up. And I rather enjoy reading you blogs – and you have yet to work on that story so that i (as well as others) may read and enjoy your vivid imagination through the perception of our own.


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