Black eye for Sony/BMG music

If you look back in my stuff you’ll find a rant about how Sony’s DRM was a pain in the butt. Well it turns out it was even worse than I imagined. If you hit the Security Now Podcast you can hear all about it. I was forunate, and I would like to believe smart enough, to avoid the problems that most of these people are having. I avoided it by not installing the software. If you own a Sony/BMG CD from the last year to six months go get Rootkit Revealer and check your system.

*note* Mac folks you’re safe from this horror of bad DRM. At least for now.*/note*

If you have it there are ways around the issue. Please read the forum listings about it carefully. I recommend the forums at Sysinternals. You can also check out the blog of Mark Russinovich about how he found and solved the problem. If you’re new to computers or not very computer literate take it slow, the article may be a bit high end for you but it should explain everything. The podcast is much more accessable so it may be the place to start. Be aware. Be smart. Be careful. But don’t worry, have fun. Life is too short to really worry.

[Listening to: Security Now! Episode 12: Rootkit DRM – Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte – Security Now! (23:59)]

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