Well … it’s been awhlie.

I don’t really have a good reason for it. I could blame school … but that only be mostly true. I guess mostly it is the fact that I’m a lazy ass. Or that my mind is so wiped out at the end of the day all I can do is read my webcomics and then sleep. Well with a possible detour to the PS2 or GameCube.

There are a whole lot of good news comeing … but I’m still holding off on it for the final letter saying I’m graduated. I checked my grades and I have passed all my classes … so I should be fine. But with all the buracsy at the school I’ll just wait till it’s all over. But enough of all this potentially depressing news.

As I have mentioned before I’m a huge webcomic … nerd. I was thinking of a differnt word … but we’ll stick with that for now. Anyway. I have to put in another plug for Tsunami Channel. Especially for Hasagawa-san’s latest experiment. It’s called Love Situations: Su-Cool. It is so unbearably heartfelt and adorable … that it makes you want to go out and hug your signficant other … or kitten, or puppy, or a whole litter of puppies and kittens. Yes … it’s that cute. I am tempted to drive 45 mintues to my girlfriends house just to hug her as I type this. It’s still not a bad idea. But I have work tomorrow. Bleh. But I digress. Go read Tsunami Channel. All of it. Oh … some of the jokes are more hentai … but they’re still tame enough that they’re more entertaining, and they’re nothing that many animes won’t throw at you. Espcialy if you have seen Please Teacher.

[Listening to: Eddie Izzard – Glorious – 08 – Six Millon Dollar Queen – (5:27)]

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