Some May Know …

As some of you may know … I’m supposed to be graduated. I say “supposed to” because with our school … God only knows what actually happens. So God willing and the creek don’t rise … I’m now officially out of school.

This brings up whole new realms of OMGWTFDIDN! Although I do have some ideas. Here’s a smattering of my ideas.

  • Start a webpage w/ Elaine. We’re looking into a Mac Mini CoLo solution. Check them out here [].
  • Start a Webcomic. I know … I’ve been promising that for years now. But this time it may actually happen.
  • Get a better job. My coffee job … just isn’t cutting it. I can’t make rent … let alone save anything. ::sigh::

Yes I am thinking of getting a comic going … now I just need to suck it up and do it. I’ve been brewing the story for some time now. I originally got the idea … oh … wow … about 2 years ago. It came to me while I was trying to come up with an idea that didn’t tread on the thought process that I had started with a friend of mine. ::sigh:: That could have been cool … but in the end nothing came of it. I guess I could just take my character and run with him … but without the rest of the story he’s just a vampire with a self destruction complex. So I let him lie. He is resting with the rest of the clan now. Rest in peace. But Melissa … if you ever get the urge to bring him back to life I’m sure you will know how to get in touch with me.

But I digress. The new story I came up with … involved a theory about the Nephlim. The theory stated that they were the children of humans and angels. Obviously Lucifer isn’t gonna that lying down so I figured that the Succubi and Incubi would be good inverse Nephilim. But these are obviously theologically … iffy at best. And the more I pushed the story … the more it was going places where I wasn’t about to tread. There’s only so much blaspheme that I want in my life. So I scaled back the power level of the the 1/2 spirits. Well it still was taking me places were I didn’t feel comfortable making judgement calls. So I have scaled the characters back once again. Now … now they’re just humans. But as we all know humans are destructive enough without external spiritual power.

The parts I’m keeping are the internal struggles of two people. Yes I do like the internal brooding thing … it’s what I know … and they say “go with what you know”. There is also their external struggle of a mutual attraction. Yes … it has romance. Wha? Can’t a guy write a story about that too? Anyway. The story will be about people. People fascinate me. I enjoy trying to figure out how and why people react to things the way they do. The challenge I face is presenting them in a fashion that will be believable. I may post some stuff about that here.

[Listening to: Another Morning – The Pillows – FLCL (3:45)]

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