Spiritual Leadership and Literary Pixar

I found two fascinating articles. One is an interview with Rick Warren, the author of the powerful Purpose Driven Life book, and an article about how Pixar is more literary than literature.

Rick Warren is about to take on the world. Literally. In the article at Newsweek’s web site, found here, he is interviewed about what exactly he plans to do to make the world a better place. The short version is … he is trying to get the church to stop being a church and start becoming the hands, feet, voice, and heart of God that we were supposed to be. He say it a bit better and with more detail. Plus he give us a small peek into how his life hasn’t changed since he became a best selling author. It’s really fascinating and encouraging to see his enthusiasm plus it’s infectious.

While over at Slate Lee Siegel gets a little philosophical about the impact of Pixar on imagery and culture (article here). In short he feels that the written word is beginning to wane in it’s power. The new focus is the image. The image become the literature. He cites Finding Nemo and The Incredibles as the highlights.

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