It’s Shiny and New

Hello all! This is the first post from my bright shiny new mac mini. Yep. I’m back in the Apple saddle again. It’s rather nice. I still have a few tweeks left, like transferring my music collection to the new mac … and getting my iPod to sync to my mac. But then all will be better. Then I’ll get cracking on all this server business. I give myself a month to be a basic web master. Which in my case will be a bit of an oxymoron … but that will change. Hopefully I can pick up enough basic skills to get this stuff off the ground. I know I could just turn on web sharing … but that’s too easy. Not to mention a security risk. Hmmm ::thinking:: Maybe this will take a little longer than I thought. Well anyway I will get the web server going as soon as possible. I need to scan/photograph my portfolio drawings. I need to make some new portfolio drawings. Bah … stuff to do … blah. I also have tons o reading to catch up on. Well that’ll have to wait till I get the free time. Job opportunities come first … then server … then story and comic.

In other random er … well just other news. One of my old friends Barbra and I are going to be collaborating on a story together. She’s gonna write, I’m gonna draw. Hopefully that will turn out well. She has some interesting ideas and some possibility for artistic exploration. Anyway I’ll try to keep you all posted on all that.

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