Strange … or Good?

A friend of mine called me rather distraught the other day. She had just had a fight with her boyfriend and was feeling hurt and alone. i did what I could to console her. i think I did get her to calm down some. While we talked about the anatonmy of a lovers qurrel the subject, inevitably, came up about Elaine and I.

This is where I’m either strange, bad , or good. Well I guess technically this is where we are the aforementioned. Because as far as i can tell … Elaine and I have never had a ‘fight’. Am I too easy going? Are we really that compatable? (I’m hoping for this one) Is she too easy going? Are we too afraid of confrontation? Am I too afraid?

It is not as if we have not had our own differences of opinion. There are several areas of our personal philosophies that separate. For instance politically she leans to a more liberal/democractic way, and I tend toward the conservative/republican. But neither of us is stanch on either side. I have no qualms voting democrat, if I think the person is truly qualified and will represent my views, and I’m fairly sure that if Elaine feels the same way, but going the opposite way … err the … no … another way. In this like so many other aspects of life on earth … it is too important to make the discussion a simple us and them. But I digress.

I guess this is what I get for thinking so much. Meh.

One thought on “Strange … or Good?

  1. I lean towards that being good (though I am completely biased ^_^). We have definitely had *huge* obstacles (or at least one) in our relationship that we have overcome, and we always keep things open for discussion and talk about stuff, and we certainly weren’t afraid to confront that huge issue (perhaps wary because we were unsure of what the outcome would be, but we still faced it head on). On a smaller scale, I know you are so wonderful that if I’m being cranky or whatever, you’re more concerned about comforting me and helping me feel better, and put your energy towards that, rather than getting cranky back at me and/or taking it personally. I hope I do the same for you too.

    I have a friend (Ben) whom I remember saying that if you don’t fight as a couple, then you aren’t being honest with eachother. I disagree with that because I think that there are ways to deal with things without having to resort to fighting. I think about that comment he made sometimes, but, then again, Ben’s a person who is always trying to fix everyone else and pointing out where he thinks everyone els’ faults lie. : P Anyhow…

    I love you. *kisses*

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