Some Days …

Some days … it’s good to be a geek.

This very night my 12 level gully dwarf laid some serious smack down! Took on, and almost single handedly defeated, 15 Draconians. One of them I really wasn’t supposed to kill. Well technically shouldn’t have been able to kill.

I about 5 hit points from absolute death. The Draconian was a Sivak, leveled up to be even more dangerous. It was an all or nothing situation. If I could deal out enough damage first I could end him, but he was a full health and was a magic user. This lead to his arrogance and his downfall.

I moved in, power attack set to 5, roll for first attack – possible critical. Roll to confirm – a 1, no critical hit. Damage 10. With movement no extra attacks for me. The Sivak surprised that I hit him at all, but still feeling superior, decided to use a spell. This opened up another opportunity to attack, still with power attack at 5, roll a possible critical. Critical confirmed. Rolled a 5 for damage, +5 from Power Attack, +1 for using my scythe two handed, +3 from my strength bonus, +1 from an enchanted weapon, times 5 for critical, from a serrated blade = A wholelotta hurt! Took him out! w00t!

Then, I picked up the treasure the Emperor had sent my colleague in for, picked up the incapacitated body of my colleague, and just for flavor un-barricaded the main doors of the warehouse and walked out to the astonishment of all the guards that had been holding the building under siege.

I got a treasure from the Emperor, a +3 ring of protection, 15,000 steel (it’s the local currency), and another level! (okay so technically I didn’t get ‘a level’ from the Emperor, but still it was a result of the adventure)

For those who may not speak DnD geek, I got bragging rights among my fellow players. And I had fun. This character has to be the most bad a– character I’ve ever had. It’s fun to be the one who brings the pain once in a while.

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