Early Addoption Challenges

Some of you in the realms of geek have probably seen or heard of the pictures of the burned out “MagSafe” power connection on the new MacBook Pro. If you haven’t click here. Some might say that this is another reason why Mac suck, the idea of form over function. While there may be some criticism over it … I think it just looks like another sideaffect of being an early adopter.
Consider all the people who bought “HD” TVs 4 or so years ago. As is stands now there may not be any way to put actual HD content on them, since many of the DRM features of the new HD media rely on digital connections to the device. This means DVI or HDMI connectors, no more component wires. It is not that the HD TV purchase was espeially bad … but as the technology started to become ‘standard’ the pre ‘standard’ set are out in the cold.
But getting back the whole MacBook thing. This is also an excellent example of Apple’s continued attempts to offer the best customer support in the industry. The post text is pretty interesting too.

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