Things you learn …

Working with people younger than yourself can be quite informative.  Like Monday I learned that 'Breezy' (or is it 'Breesie') equals 'bitch', in it's full negative connotation.  I am also learning about the MySpace "addiction".  I am also getting a crash course in the high end of ladies cosmetics.  Just today I found out that there is a lip gloss with botox in it.  Yeah Botox lip gloss.  All I can think is … "that just can't be healthy".

Alas one of the people that I really enjoyed working with at Caffino is now gone.  She's gone to Barefoot Coffee Roasters.  ::sigh::  Oh well.  At least I have found someone who makes the closing shifts as easy as she did.  The new girl is also the one from whom I am getting the crash course in contemporary high school society.  It was really interesting the other day when her friend came by for … well honestly most of the shift, together they gave me some very interesting insights into the mind of the modern high school girl.  I had never heard of a party that prescribed dress code down to the shoes, ie. a tee shirt, jeans and nike, party.  No joke, Pam's either had one or been to one, I wasn't sure which.  Either way it's more than I ever knew existed. 

I still can't get over the botox lipgloss.  It's $35 a … tube?  What ever the volume measure is … it's damned expensive.  Course this is also coming from a girl who spends $700 on 3 pairs of shoes.  I am still puzzling that one out.

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