Catching Up

Well, time to take a moment to catch up a bit.

I graduated.

Yup went though the ceremony and everything. It was actually better than I though it was gonna be. It was as big and long as I was expecting but the speakers were actually rather interesting. For starters Neil and Pegi Young received honorary doctorates. Pegi for her work with and the founding of the Bridge School . It was really fascinating to hear about how it all came together and what it has done for the community. The last SFSU commencement was the first graduation of one of the bridge school students, at least that's what I think I heard. At any rate they recently had a SFSU grad who cam from the Bridge School. It was also Pegi's first college graduation, she got out of high school and then dropped out. So that was cool and inspiring. Then Neil Young got his degree. He had slightly less to say but it was enough to stir the crowd. In some ways it was kinda sad he said less but got a standing o. I personally thought that Pegi deserved the ovation, but both of them have more than earned their acclaim.

The main address was given by Jackie Speier, a Senator. Her personal story was pretty interesting in that she was a survivor of the Jones Town massacre. But that wasn't the most interesting thing she said. That was this quote, "What would you do, if you knew, for a fact, that you could not fail?" That question has been rattling around my brain for awhile now. I don't have a good answer for it yet … but it has me thinking. A dangerous pass-time I know. But it is something that I should think about. I mean it is similar to the thought that probably drove Thomas Edison. He went through several hundred 'failures' before he found the key to making the object we call the light bulb. He probably wouldn't have gotten that far if he had really entertained the idea of failure. It seems to me that a preoccupation with failure is my main … erm … failure. But I have a habit of over thinking things, yeah even stupid movies.

And now … now … geez … I'm still trying to find a better job. Stupid printer at work cost me a movie date with Elaine. ::shakes little fist:: Stupid technology! ::sigh:: Oh well.

I do have several creative projects in mind … but … honestly until I have a solid stack of cash or at least not a huge slab of debt over my head I think they're all gonna have to wait. I know. I know. It means that they probably won't happen but, I need to get the basic needs of life covered before I can really focus my time and effort on the future. Although I'm fairly comfortable as a result of my current job it is still somewhat like living from pay check to pay check. It's not quite that bad but I have a growing credit debit that I'd really like to get out from under. No one likes to look at a credit card bill that has a four digit number in the balance line. ICK!

But that's enough of that for now. Life goes on and so will this blog .. if a bit slowly.

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