Some kind of idiot

It’s not the usual wine-journal entry.  But seriously am I?  Last night I watched the end of Full Metal Alchemist. While that doesn’t sound so bad I was only on episode 34 of 51.  And I watched the movie too.  Roughly six hours of anime, when I count on my fingers.  But that doesn’t add up … probably means I must have been deeper than ep. 34 … maybe 40 something.  Anyway I watched way too much anime and didn’t get much sleep.  Which brings up the title note.  I don’t think I’m especially stupid but sometimes I wonder … why?  Why did I do that?

I put part of the blame on caffine.  I had several very strong iced teas at work so … there’s that.  And that at the end the story got all crazy and I had to finish it.  It was sorta like the last five chapters of a really good book.  You just can’t stop.  Although the movie wasn’t nearly as strong as the series.  Anyway I feel silly and I have an eight hour shift today.  Not very good planning on my part.

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