Is Microsoft actually doing something … kinda cool?

MicroSoft and cool have been almost diametrically opposed for some time now.  And with all the good things that Google has been doing the MSN search and website just haven’t been cutting it for most users.  Well interestingly enough the mighty M$ has listened.  They always say they do but now it seems like it’s really coming together.  Take for example their new meta page, Windows Live!  I’ve only poked at it alittle, but it seems like if they can actually pull this off … they will have a pretty compelling product.

So what’s it do?  Well the trend that people are calling Web 2.0 is the idea of interconnected services that congregate on one page.  For example, you want to check your mail, your stocks, your favorite sport/team, and read your favorite blogs; well normally you’d have to bookmark them all and then visit them one at a time, unless you have tabbed browsing and then you’d have a batch of tabs.  But then you’d still have to go to each page individually, which is time consuming and tiresome, well sometimes.

Along comes the meta page, well I’m calling it a meta page.  What it does is take all these separate services and streams of information and puts them all on one page.  This can be a huge time saver and or just a great case of laziness.  Either way it’s cool.  So Google and Yahoo! and now MicroSoft are really trying to turn their vast amounts of power on this idea.  They aren’t the first, check out protopage and goowy, also very interesting implements of this idea.  Personally I use Google’s thing.  But my little blogging service has written a little “gadget” that makes the M$ live page look … well a little more interesting.  It’s nothing fancy but it is kinda neat all the same.  It is a little element that can be added to the webpage that allows for basic blog management.  Although I happen to like the main site’s interface just fine.  I donno.  I’m not sure if I want to sign up fro another service.  I have way too many of them in my life as it is.  Well anyway if you do use the Live page, which has a really cool traffic tool, and you happen to use it might be worth looking into.  But check out the list of features.  It’s actually pretty impressive, it includes checking your gmail account.  But I already use the google site for that … but eh.  It’s an interesting attempt to gain internet mind share.

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