Air Gear = Jet Grind Radio: The series.

Okay it’s not exactly JGR, but it definitely seems to be inspired by. It may even be slightly more, “realistic” in that it make a degree of sense why these kids can skip up walls. But I’m getting ahead of myself. AirGear is a new anime series that features characters with hyper advanced rollerblades with powerful motors in them! Self propelled rollerblades = teh cool! But there is more to life in Air Trek (that’s the title given to these skates), or as the cool kids call it AT. AT is a whole sub culture, much like skater culture today, but it is far more organized than most people give skate culture. They have an advanced setup for progression and pecking order. There are also tons of teams and rivalries and hyjinks to be had. The Storm Rider (that’s the technical term for the participants) battles are always for the honor of the clan/gang/team whatever you want to call it. Basically it’s rather like Jet Grind but without the controversial use of graffiti. They short cut the tag process to stickers.

The short version of this is, this is a fun new show from the same guy the made Tenjho Tenge. While not as Fanservice-riffic it is still definitely from the same Oh Great! (That’s what he calls himself). Don’t fret, there is still plenty of boob jokes and sexy girls to go round, they are just less prevalent aka more judiciously used. All in all fire up your BitTorrent porgy and get on this show!

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