It’s the Little Things

When using a computer, or any system really, it’s the little things that really make something. For instance, Preview in OSX.4, is one of those little things that really makes me happy to be using my computer.

What’s so great about it? Isn’t it just a PDF and image viewer?

Well it does do those things, and it does them quite well. But it does little things that are really nice. Like cropping screen shots, very easy. But the thing that has currently made me smile is its … um “smartness” in PDF viewing. Meaning that it seems to have an automatic ‘bookmarking’ thing that will remember what page of a long PDF that you were last viewing so even if you quit the program it will open to the last page you were looking at when you reopen the file. This is really great when you’re reading long technical reference PDFs, like right now I’m going though a couple of AppleScript reference PDFs, and being able to just ‘put them down’ without having to write down or stickies or in some other way record what page I was on in which file is really a joy. Now I can go to the topics at my pace, at my leisure. It’s really refreshing. And it’s just one more reason why the I think the Mac OS is one of the best around. Thank you Apple!

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