LDYR and the Capitola Singularity

LDYR, L(abor) D(ay) Y(outh) R(alley). Been a part of it for nearly 10 years, only missed one or two since middle school. As with any event there are the ‘hit’ years and the ‘off’ years, which is not to say that one is morally superior to the other, just that some had much better chemistry.  This year had good potential, and lived up to much of it … but one of the speakers didn’t seem as focused as he normally does thus the weekend was weakened.  I still enjoyed myself and drew something from the sessions but it mostly left me hungry for more.  I guess in its own way that is part of its success, but time will tell on that part.

Next, the Capitola Singularity (Singularity: A singularity is a point in space-time at which the density of matter and the gravitational field are infinite (forming a black hole). Singularities are points at which the mathematical solution to the space-time equations are undefined.) [from enchanted learning]  In Capitola, which is a lovely little city, I have found a rather annoying bit of astonishing oddity.  When I wear sunglasses into there I don’t wear them out.  Yup I enter with sunglasses and I leave with squinty eyes.  Somewhere, somehow my eye shades wink out of existence.  I have lost two pairs of glasses this way, one only 7 bucks worth the other … around 300, yes, the second loss is more saddening.  Those sunglasses have taken me all around and I have never had cause to fear or seriously look for them.  But in this case nearly 20 minutes of very careful searching brought up nada.  If this happens again I will be sure of this fact, but for now it’s a strong possibility that there is a sunglasses absorbing singularity in Capitola.  That said there is a really lovely place called Gayle’s there that all of you need to try.

2 thoughts on “LDYR and the Capitola Singularity

  1. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

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