Dreams …

I had a weird dream this morning.

I woke up lying on a cement driveway in some city I didn’t immediately recognize.  I still had my actual quilt and sheet but everything else was gone.  So I was all confused, and then it turned out that the cement wasn’t a drive way it was attached to part of a house.  The family that owned the house simply accepted me and seemed to just tack me on without a second thought.  There were several children, 4 I think.  The eldest was a girl … maybe a junior or senior in high school.  Anyway they were being stalked by a daemon, and his two demonic minions.  Their usual form was as a trio of cats.  The first one was sorta yellowish, the other two were non decrepit.  Anyway I was staying with the family for some time. The, before me, eldest sister was trying to protect the younger ones.  Although I  do remember there being several older guys hanging around too … don’t remember what their relation was.

Anyway it seems that the daemons saw me as fresh meat and were angling to get me.  Oh I forgot to mention that the lead daemon was called The Dreamstealer, he carries off children’s hopes and dreams.  So they’re focused on me now … and as long as I’m in the family’s house I’m fairly safe, as long as I don’t get too close to the windows.  When I turned out to be a wary prey, since I could see that they were daemons some how, they turned back to the other kids.  There were some random dream details I can’t remember but at some point The Dreamstealer got inside the house.  And it seemed that I was the only one to know, maybe Freud would say I have a hero complex, so it seemed up to me to a) take him out b) just keep him off everyone else c) some how get everyone else to help.  Well I ended up doing A, which is where Freud might pull his hero analysis from.  I ended up sorta catching The Dreamstealer by surprise and killing him, well at least killing his physical form.  But then I had a bloody cat in my hands … and I couldn’t let it bleed all over the house … so I ran, the daemon’s minions hot on my heels.

A few houses up the street was a dog who also seemed to know these cats were worse than the usual ones, since he never usually chased cats, but these he would just go berserk over.  I threw all the cats into his yard … and didn’t stick around to see what happened next.  There was a couple of people a ways off on a … golf coarse, I think who sorta saw me toss the cats.  But I get back to the house and they are very happy, the daughter says she knew that the daemon was dead.  I actually remember what she said, “I can’t remember how or when but I know he’s dead now.”  Anyway life then goes on fairly normally.

But it takes a twist when The Dreamstealer finds me in the dream world.  The family is taking a vacation to celebrate their release from The Dreamstealer.  While out … some where in the southwest, I think, is when The Dreamstealer catches up to me.  We engage in a duel of dreams, each of us trying to out trick the other, like a creative writing fight … but with images.  Anyway it ends when The Dreamstealer can’t actually beat me, not because I’m so awesome, basically my faith saves me, it’s the force that The Dreamstealer can’t touch.  But his final thrust is to drag my soul far from my body so hopefully I die before I make it back.  I can hear the family calling to me … and I start to fly back … but … that’s when I woke up in the physical world in my usual bed saying, “I just had the strangest dream.”

Thought I’d share.  ^_^  Have a nice day.

One thought on “Dreams …

  1. That is the awesomest dream I have ever heard of! It sounds like an entire movie. I don’t think you have a ‘hero’s complex’ and much as it is a ‘caring and taking responsability complex’ but I guess hero is a better word… I just think a hero is less personal, but that may just be my mind. Anyway,that was awesome. Hope all is well in your world, both awake and otherwise!

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