Results … Faster than expected.

Prayer.  Most people hold the opinion that it is a long drawn out process of many many supplication’s, aka requests, and then a sorting and incubation period before your request is actually handed to The Lord, at which time the request may be defunct and no longer timely.  Or maybe the focus of said prayer is unable to reap the rewards that the prayer was supposed to cover.  Basically some think that prayer is like bill or a case put to the government.  Well sometimes it really does fell like that.  And then every so often God likes to keep us on our toes and changes the pace of things.  Which is to be expected since there is no waiting line for God’s ear.

Here’s the story.  A few weeks ago bad things happened between myself and a co-worker.  Details are not needed.  Nothing too horrible happened but it was an event that if I could do it over I would like to believe I would have handled it differently, but that my be arrogance on my part.  Suffice to say things between myself and said co-worker are well … rocky is a word … but it’s not quite right, but it’s the best I got right now.  Anyway today this co-worker was … challenging.  The actions of this person are beginning to annoy me … which I know is the purpose of said actions, so it’s darn frustrating when you know you’re playing the other person’s game.

That all said, as I was driving home I prayed that God would either fix my attitude or help my co-worker.  Well God decided to fix me right up.  He had a good friend I made at SFSU call me up, not even 2 minutes after I said “amen” … or would have said it … I don’t always end my prayers … ‘properly’.  But God is merciful and good and the call was just what I needed to get out of my little funk.  Anyway, just a little anecdote about how God’s time table isn’t always a slow one.  Have a great day!

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