Well, It’s 4 am

I am up now … because I had to finish Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men.  Yes, I had to.

My friend Joey introduced my room mate and I to Supernatural, a show from the WB.  The ads that I saw left me feeling like ‘Meh’.  But the show is actually quite good.  And quite creepy.  So … yeah, had to read Astonishing X-Men.  But I’m done now and I’m going to bed.

Before I go.  If you like the X-Men, if you liked Firefly, if you had any love for Buffy, read Astonishing X-Men.  It is that good.

2 thoughts on “Well, It’s 4 am

  1. I read the first one because my housemate had it, but the unhelpful fool won’t go out and spend her hard earned money on it. Irresponsible. Anyway, what I read I liked…but I just loathe only getting the opening of a comic storyline.

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