Re-evaluation …

I’ve been giving it some thought, and I think I’m gonna go back to encoding all my music in MP3. I like the concept of higher quality at lower bit rates that AAC offers, but honestly trying to move files around aka share some songs with your friends, it becomes laborious. If your house and all, and I do mean ALL, your friends are iTunes and Apple users then it’s not a big deal but if you know anyone who is using Windows or any player other than a iPod, you’re gonna really want to give that MP3 option a hard look.


1) MP3 is well established, It made Napster the amazing thing it was (RIP classic Napster).

2) MP3 has no DRM (Digial Rights Management) if you encode properly.

3) MP3 is everywhere. Every other format is really just playing catch up.

4) Ease of use and portability of the files is worth the few extra KB it will take to make a better sounding MP3.

Anyway I’m gonna start re-encoding all my CDs as MP3s even though I have an iPod and use iTunes. It really is nice to be able to make a cool mix cd for your friends. I don’t advocate piracy, don’t steal music that’s just not cool.

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