Art Geek-gasm

Any of you who have a flair for the creative, or just want to spuce up your MySpace, should all check these out.

  • kuler (Adobe)
    This is a super neat color scheming tool FREE from the fine folks at Adobe. It also seems to be a nice interface for stuff in thier CS programs.
  • Color Schemer (Color Schemer)
    A really nice stand alone tool for doing color shemes.

Why are these things even useful? Why do I, or you, even want one? Can’t I just pick the colors I like? Who are you to stomp on my creativity?

Easy, easy. These are tools designed to help unleash your creative side. There are lots of … well let’s be honest, Fugly MySpace pages. And they don’t have to be. We have seen the ones made by professionals and they look slick. Part of that is the use of better graphics, and (possibly more important) a judicious use of color. They put together colors that look good together. That goes a long way to making a page look more unified. Plus it will help your pages be more readable and that’s what they’re really all about, right? If they aren’t being read what’s the point?

Anyway my two cents. I will probably be using one of these to put together my web page … yeah one of these days it will be up … eventually … soon … when it’s ready … geez at this rate it will be up just befor I’m dead.

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