New Browser

Hi hi! I would like to fire a shot in the air for a child of the Mozilla project. We all know about Firefox. A lovely wonderful browser. But for those of us in the Mac camp there is an even better option. I know, I know. Firefox is close to the coolest thing since sliced bread, but some of us on older hardware know it to be not so fast and snappy as it can be for our more modern bredren. So what’s a person to do? We want web and we like the Gecko rendering thing. Well I present for your approval Camino!

Camino is an astonishing feat. Not simply because it’s faster than Firefox. No it is a Cocoa native app, that means that it ‘feels’ like OS X apps feel. It looks like OS X. And it has all the features that we wanted out of Firefox! Plus if you’re feeling adventureous, you can try the Camino 1.1 beta! According to the guys a Wired’s Monkey Bites, its gonna give Firefox a run for it’s money.

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