Simple things

In this crazy complex world it is reassuring that there are things that are still so simple that they are amazing.  Example.  There is a cat that lives around my apartment building.  He has been abandoned by his owner.  And basically all of us in our building are ‘cat people’, so we’ve started taking care of him.  Last night, I was sitting on the bottom step, and he came over and crawled up into my lap, where he happily purred for several minutes, till I got kinda cramped and had to stand up.  What’s so special about that?  Well when this cat’s owner was still here this cat was rather stand offish, and skittish.  Now he actually quite sociable.  He’s not as friendly as one of the other cats around here, but he’s warmed up by a lot.  He’s now even brave enough to wander into my apartment.  It is so nice to find things that are easy to enjoy.

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